Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wesley is SEVEN

Total Mom-fail!   This cute kid turned 7 on June 29 and I'm just now blogging about it!
His favorite activity is dressing up in the strangest combination of as many items as possible.  This kid's creativity is just awesome!

 The only negative to this habit is that it makes a big mess!  But he's so fun and cute it's hard to be too mad.

We allowed him a friend party this year and took a bunch of boys to Planet Kid.

Faces right into the cupcakes!

 He got a bike with gears!

Favorite foods:  "meat, chocolate, noodles, drinks"
He loves Legos, light sabers, bikes, scooters and costumes.
He's really taken off in the reading departments and is moving along with piano.  He played soccer and Tball last year and is signed up for soccer this fall.  "I like ALLLL sports!"
He is such a great brother.  He is so fun with baby Todd.  They have a special bond.
We love our little Wes sooooo much!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chicago Trip

 Right after school got out we took a quick trip to our old stomping grounds in Chicago.  I'd forgotten how magical it is for children to fly on an airplane.

 And it was this guy's first flight.  He was the hardest one, but we made it.

Dillon drew a picture for the pilot and earned himself a seat in the cockpit!
 So excited to be reunited with the Soelbergs.
 and the Strohmaiers
 and all our other friends.

 Then to Portillos for a real Chicago dog and Italian beef. Mmmm! And I can't believe I didn't get a pictures of Oberweiss -- the best ice cream EVER!
 The Froerers are the greatest hosts. Let 3 of our kids take over their house and Aaron and I headed to a hotel.

 I cannot get enough of these two!

 We did a day in the city.  Taking the train is always half the fun!
 Love this girl with my babies!

 Aaron was a bit nostalgic walking through what used to be his daily routine through Union Station.
 We stopped by his favorite lunch spot too.

 The water taxi was a hit.
 Best view of the city

This spot at the base of the Magnificent Mile is my favorite!

 We checked out the awesome new playground at Millennium Park

Saying goodbye was just as hard as the first time.  Man I love my Illinois friends!

 This boy joined us in the hotel for one night.
 Glad we got to stop to see Chiostris before leaving.

Great trip.  Great friends.  Great city.  Chicago will always be a very special place for us. So glad we got to visit.  It was a great start to our summer break.