Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

We are really experiencing a Chicago winter. I've actually enjoyed all the snow. I think it's pretty and it can be fun too. We are getting some pretty good piles from all the shoveling we've had to do. But right now it is 32 degrees BELOW ZERO outside! Wow! You wouldn't believe the weird things that happen when it is that cold. All of the windows in my house are covered in ice--ON THE INSIDE!
And we have double doors to the outside in our bedroom that are totally frosted over--ON THE INSIDE--there is ice in my bedroom!! I leaned some pillows up against the door to try and keep some of the cold air out and now those pillows are frozen to the doors!
Too bad the inside of my bedroom looks like the inside of an ice box!!! Yes, that hinge is covered in frost!
When you're outside you can feel the snot in your nose freeze before it can run out of your nose. When we open the garage door we have to make sure we put it down really quickly because the sensors freeze and so it thinks something is in the way and it won't close again. And today the schools were closed, not because of snow, but because it was so freaking cold!!!
I am happy to report that we are still alive here in the arctic! The temps are supposed to creep back into the positive numbers this weekend so we'll be up for visitors, anyone?


Becky R. said...

holy cow! I was thinking it was freezing here because the high is supposed to be 17...I'll take 17 degrees over -32 any day! Good luck!

Steve, Amy, and Preston said...

It is going to be 76 here today. Far too hot for the winter, so maybe we should come visit to get the true winter experience!

Steve Wilker
(In sunny Tucson)

Dan Colton said...

I too know what it feels like to be so cold. Why, just today, I went outside to shovel the sunshine and happiness off our driveway and, while in my t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, I felt a slight breeze drift past my bear toes. Brrrrr. Fortunately, it didn't last too long, and once I was able to step out of the shade I knew I was going to survive. Keep strong fellow frozen friends. Soon this blistering 78 degree cold spell will pass and we will be able to resume our normal outdoor activities.

amanda said...


Nan and Aaron said...
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Brad Hanks said...

Makes me homesick for Michigan. I missed a lot of days of school because they were afraid that kids would keel over from exposure waiting for the bus!

jules said...

That is insanely too cold! Dan said the coldest he's experienced was -40 (but -80 with windchill).

Hope you're thawing out. Drink lots of cocoa!