Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spectacular Spontaneity

Aaron's Grandpa Luke is in town for a couple days on business. He and Aaron met for lunch yesterday and Aaron was able to show him his office. Just before 6:00 that evening, he called Aaron again and asked if we were up for some kind of show. I assumed it would be nearly impossible to find a babysitter on such short notice. But some wonderful friends in our ward came right over and in a matter of minutes I was out the door, on my way to the city to pick up Aaron and Grandpa. We were originally going to go to a Broadway show but the selection isn't great right now. (Although "Mary Poppins" is coming next week!) So Grandpa rounded up some tickets to the Blue Man Group. It is the strangest show I have ever seen---the weirdest combination of things that somehow make for a very entertaining evening. At one point the Blue Men came out into the audience, staring people down with their serious expressions. A couple of the guys stared at me for a second, then moved on. But they came back. And before I knew it, all three of them were staring at me and one of them had his hand out for me to join them! So I did--I followed them up onto the stage. Just me and three blue guys. We did a few strange things including eating Twinkies with a knife and fork. We even fed each other. Weird. But really fun. In the middle of it all they snapped a Polaroid picture as a little souvenir for me. I attempted to take a picture of it. Really poor quality, but you get the idea.
I forgot my camera, so when we got home I had our babysitters take a quick picture of Aaron and me with my little souvenirs. The "doggie bag" is full of "puke" that I was forced to eat as part of the little skit. It was actually just mashed up bananas, but it still ended up in the garbage.
It was a spontaneous, fun-filled night. Thanks Grandpa for providing us with some fun memories to add to our Chicago adventures!


Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

Wow! How fun...Looks like a once in a lifetime adventure! You should definately frame the picture!

The Olson Family said...

Natalie, I didn't know you were wild and crazy! I want your grandpa to come and visit us! What a cool experience. What on earth was Aaron thinking while you were on stage with these three weirdos?

jenny said...

How crazy...what a memory! I have always though they were a weird group from their commercials, now I know for sure!

Oh, I ate a 9 Beans the other day. Jealous?!