Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, May 1, 2009

Museum fun

Things have not slowed down around here for a while. We got home from our Idaho trip and the next day was a free day at the Museum of Science and Industry, so I had to take advantage of that. Fortunately, the backpack was already packed and ready for our outing I'd organized with our ward playgroup. These things are always more fun with friends. There were so many different things to see in the museum but of course Dillon immediately gravitated toward the trains.
We found "Dillon Heaven"---a room full of model trains!
Dillon loved the trolley too.
After seeing the museum we decided to make the most of our paid-for parking spot and walk across the street to the lake front. It was a beautiful day! Check out those blondies!
Dillon and his friend Bristol loved playing in the sand.


millerandbrandi said...

I wish we had some cool museums out here! Your family picture at Shoshone Falls is adorable!

Becky R. said...

trains and sand-what a perfect day!

cb said...

I forgot about the FREE day...glad you had fun!