Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo

Growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, we always looked forward to the county fair.  The rides, the animals, the food and especially the rodeo.  I've always wanted to take my kids and now that we live closer I finally got the chance.
Caleb is obsessed with all things tractor/mower so he was pretty thrilled to see the giant tractors at the fair.
 At the petting zoo the boys got to brush a cow.  Now come on, when was the last time YOU brushed a cow?  Pretty exciting.
 Once we got close to the rides Caleb wanted to ride everything.  It was really hard to limit him to just a couple.  He picked out this off road trucking ride.
 He still talks about driving the blue truck!
 Dillon and Wesley chose to ride ponies.

 My crazy cowboys!

 This folks, is Dillon heaven -- the train display.  He would have liked to stay all day!
And this, is an elephant ear!
I tried to share with my boys, but I'm pretty sure I ate most of it ;)
I munched on it as we walked through the barns with my Dad and sis.  (the dripping honey kept me from grabbing my camera, sorry)  I love checking out the cows with my dad. He educated us on the different types and uses of cows -- quite interesting!
Then it was off to the rodeo!  I LOVE the rodeo.  Aaron and I put on our cowboy shirts so we'd fit in!
 The boys were really excited when the "queens" came out!
Aaron's parents were with us, making it even more fun.

 (The one pic I got of Don wasn't great - sorry)
 It was a great show.  We all loved it!
 Afterward, Wesley got to meet the 1st runner up in the Mutton Busting competition.  He was the cutest little boy.  He autographed and drew a picture for Wesley on a paper sack.    So cute!
It was a great day!  We just may have to make it a yearly tradition...

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