Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We enjoyed a lot of fun Thanksgiving celebrations this year.  Wesley's kindergarten class put on a really cute little play.  I was glad I got to sneak in and see it.
 Amy and I enjoyed an adventurous drive to Twin falls with 6 children packed in our van.  Doesn't get better than that!!!
We stayed with my parents and had fun watching Christmas movies together.
The Twins had a birthday party at a jump place.  Everyone had so much fun! 
 Thanksgiving Day was awesome. I really enjoyed working in the kitchen with my mother-in-law and her mom.

We had a fun crew. 
The cousins always love being together.

 Wesley turned into some kind of animal and wanted to eat all the Turkey right off the bone.  He literally ate this whole leg!
 After dinner we took a little walk along the canyon.
 Such a beautiful view.
 All the boys lined up for "the rules." 
 Don can't have any activity without some made up rules :)

 And, we're off!  It was technically a speed walking race, but only a couple kids actually took that seriously.

 Just fun to be with family. 
We ended the weekend watching holiday fireworks with my parents.  Chilly, but fun.  I love how much my husband loves fireworks!
I have so many things for which to be grateful.  When we took turns sharing on Thanksgiving I mentioned 2 things:

1.  My incredible husband.  He is amazing.  He does so much for me and I am so grateful for all the little things he does to make my life easier -- like take out the trash and fill up the cars.  Simple, but so helpful.  And he is the best father.  I love seeing him connect with our boys whether its about Harry Potter, jeeps or race cars, he always seeks to involve them and I love him so much for it.

2. The blessing to be a mother and to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a support.  I cannot imagine trying to navigate the day to day struggles of parenting without a knowledge of Christ and His plan and without the help of the Holy Ghost, prompting me what to do. The sweetest moments I have as a mother are when I am teaching my children about the Gospel.  Those moments are so tender and I'm so grateful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving! (I know, Christmas is next week --trying to catch up!)

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