Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My baby is 5 months old

Todd is 5 months old!  He's growing quickly. I love his sweet little face.  And he loves any face that smiles at him.  He lightens up if anyone looks at him.  I love it!  He's rolling more and getting stronger. I went a little crazy with the pictures, but his face is so hard to resist!
Cousin Carson getting a smile
 When he first started rolling he'd get stuck on his belly and eventually just lay his head down ---
 He's playing with toys now.  He sees them and reaches out for them.
 We keep trying the bumbo but he's not fat enough.  He slips around.
 I'll miss this someday.
 He likes to roll to his belly and find his thumb.  He sleeps this way most of the time.  Sometimes when I leave him on the floor while I'm running around he nearly puts himself to sleep in the middle of the living room!
 He's a happy baby!

 Todd has found his toes!

 These two will be playmates soon.

A preview from family pics. 
 Hate shots, but love the snuggles.
 Little boy in a big bed
 This boy has always loved the tub
 and has joined his brothers a couple times in the last week.
 Scrub a dub dub 4 boys in the tub!
Playing with Grandpa
I can't get enough of his giggles and little talking voice.  He's so fun and interactive these days!
Todd is so sweet.  As my friend put it, he's pretty easy to read.  If he gets grumpy he's either hungry or tired.  He does an eat, wake, sleep schedule pretty well.  And is finally sleeping better at night.  Most nights he sleeps 8:30-4:00 or 5ish.  Eats and then goes right back down until 8:00.  I'll take it!  Unfortunately, every time we try to move Dillon back into their room Todd decides to have a bad night.  Dillon is enjoying the bonus room ;)
My only real complaint about this boy is the spit up.  It's a lot!  I feel bad cause it seems like he loses about everything he eats.  And he's by far my skinniest baby. My others had some good rolls by now.  Doctor says he's fine because he is growing and happy but I still worry he's starving sometimes.  This last week I've been feeding him a little oatmeal cereal to see if he can keep thicker stuff down better.  He does pretty well with it and it makes me feel better, even though I'm not supposed to introduce anything until 6 months.
I just love this little boy.  Amazing how these boys keep stealing my heart.  Aaron thinks I'm crazy sometimes.  Mommying is just emotional.  When my baby isn't sleeping it stresses me out, but the next minute he's fallen asleep and he's so cute it's all I can do not to pick him up and hold him. And by morning I miss him, but I'm so happy he slept.  Yes, I'm crazy.  But that's what these little people do.  They have my whole heart and I live every moment with them.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm so grateful I get to be a mommy.  It is teaching me things I couldn't learn any other way.  I'm definitely learning patience but I also just feel like I'm discovering a deeper me -- thoughts and feelings way deep inside me.  I'm finding out who I really am through them.  It's a pretty amazing process.  Raising four young boys has got me pulling my hair out a lot, but the sweet moments are so sweet and in those moments I feel a deeper satisfaction than ever before.  Love my boys! 

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The Curtis Clan said...

Natalie, you are an amazing mom and person. I love seeing pictures of your family and it makes me wish you could move back here!