Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break

We had a great Spring Break week at the end of March.  We spent the first few days here and made a trip to Planet Kid with cousins.

 We also squeezed in a lady party for my birthday.

On Wednesday we headed to Twin Falls and met my parents and inlaws for dinner.  When we got to the house my mom had a birthday pie waiting for me. 

 Thursday the boys spoiled me with a birthday present parade!
 I took a quick ride up Evel Knievel's jump to try out my new gear.
My mom had breakfast waiting for me when I got back.
 Then we hopped in the car and headed to Utah to meet up with "Laustin" and "Bruke" for dinner at Ruby River.

The next day we went to the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.

 Then off to Provo.  Aaron and I made a stop at the BYU bookstore.  It's always so fun to revisit that campus. 

Fun cousin time too!

 We started a pretty mean game of catch as well that continued at the park and into the dark.
Saturday morning we took advantage of the hotel pool
...while the boys headed out on a mountain bike ride.
Then we went to Grandma's - one of my favorite places on this earth!

 That night we headed back up to Salt Lake and were able to meet up with my awesome cousin Jared.
The next morning we walked to Temple Square.  It was really neat to show our boys those sights.
Dillon was really interested in the layout of Jerusalem.
Dillon was also our photographer!

 We were there on a perfect Spring day

We hopped on the Trax for a couple stops on our way back to the hotel.
(We stayed in 3 different hotels and somehow survived all 6 of us in 1 room!)
 Then hit the road back toward Boise, stopped for dinner in Twin Falls.
 Dillon is so great at connecting with his great grandmothers.  It's a gift.
It was a nice little get away and chance to see family and a few sites  Our children hadn't been on Temple Square before, so I'm so glad we fit that in.  Whenever we attempt trips we are often flustered during the adventure, but so grateful afterward that we did it.  Four boys keep things exciting!  I'm so grateful for my little family.

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