Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, July 10, 2009

Boating fun

A private boat tour down the Chicago River can be pretty expensive, but thanks to the Chicago Park District we got one for free! On our way to the beach (to meet up with Jason and Diana) we joined Christine and Julius for a boat ride on the Chicago River and a quick fishing lesson for the boys. The boat ride was awesome (and would have been even better had Dillon not thrown the biggest tantrum of his life when we tried to put on his life jacket)!

Wesley was nearly strangled in his life jacket, but didn't make a peep.

The weather was absolutely perfect for our little trip down the river!
After our boat ride the boys got to do a little fishing. They waited for a while hoping a fish would take a bite. They were very patient. As soon as Dillon handed his pole over to Christine she caught one! I tried to make Dillon feel good that it was his pole that did the catching. I just think they looked so cute sitting next to each other in their sun glasses. Thanks Christine for always making sure we have fun in the city! Let's do it again soon.


Becky R. said...

What a fun city you guys live in!

Rob and Tiff said...

Oh boy, that boat ride sounds like it was a ton of fun. Lucky you for getting it for free. :-)

Sarah and Trent said...

How fun! We did something similar in Washington DC. We went on a small boat starting at the Kennedy Center past the monuments and up the Potomac several miles. It was way fun! Looks like you guys are doing great!!