Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun with Jason and Diana

My little brother and his wife spent over a week with us in Chicago. It was so fun to spend a little time with them. They know how to party. They were going all day every day making sure they saw as much of Chicago as possible--and they did. We joined them for some of the fun, but weren't able to keep up with them for the whole week. One of our first stops was at the famous "Bean" in Millenium Park. From there, they rented a tandem bicycle and rode up and down the shore of Lake Michigan.
We met up with them for a quick trip to the beach.
Wesley loved eating the sand and any other small items he could dig up.
We took a little trip to a neighborhood park for a picnic when Aaron was around to join the fun. This was probably not the highlight for Jason and Diana, but Dillon loved it and I think it brought out the kid in all of us.
They were also able to celebrate Wesley's birthday with us. Unfortunately they were the camera crew for most of the event, so we didn't get any pictures with them.
Thanks for coming to visit us guys! It was so fun to spend time with you. And Diana, I am so glad we converted you to Settlers! We love you two and miss you already.

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Diana and Jason said...

We miss you guys! How did our time with you go by so fast?