Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TFHS Class of '99!!!!

One of the big reasons for my trip home was our 10 year high school class reunion that we somehow ended up being in charge of. I think it turned out pretty well and everyone had a good time. Here are some pics of the big day. We had a great family picnic--the kids especially loved the Candy Cannon. I love this picture of all of them plugging their ears anticipating the big boom. (Check out Starley in the back helping his li'l one strategize the best way to beat the other kids to the candy!)
Dillon and Eliza McMillen were so cute together--we may have a future couple here!
Pretty sad that this is the best group shot I got. There are lots better ones on Facebook. But you get the idea--we had a great turnout and it was so fun to see everyone!
We decided we need to superimpose our pictures in the Senior Class Officer pics from high school. These ladies were all so helpful in all the planning of the reunion. Thanks so much!!!!!
So fun to see all our friends and remember the good ol' times. I'm particularly grateful to Bobby for helping me remember the story of when he popped out my contact lens with the bill of his baseball cap at an after-game dance! I had forgotten how SMOOTH he was!
I posted a lot more pics on Facebook so check them out.
Thanks to everyone that came. See you in another 10 years!


Emily said...

The reunion was a blast, and it was fun to see everyone. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Becky R. said...

How fun, I wasn't even invited to my 10 year...oh well. How big was your graduating class?