Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just a few fun winter pics...
Preschool friend Ethan at the Candy Cane Hunt First significant snowfall of the year Of course, Dillon went straight for his little tricycle-shouldn't that wait until spring?
And look who followed suit! Of course he is on the bigger bike!
This was one of the colder days here in Chicago! Dillon is pretty tough. Neighborhood kids playing after getting almost a foot of snow! The trike couldn't quite make it.
Neighbor friend Jakob
The snow can definitely be fun with kids. I've just got to track down a sled and find a day warm enough to get out there and really have fun.


Emily said...

HAHA! I love the trike tracks in the snow!!!

Debbie and Bobby said...

Hey Thanks! So I finally added some posts. We haven't had our own computer for a while so between that and sickness I lost motivation for a while but once I download some programs for pics on this laptop we are borrowing from my parents I will be up and running again. I'm feeling really much better and I have all kinds of motivations back...must be nesting :o)