Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Grade Sentences

I love that Dillon is really learning to read and write now. He's pretty good. His teacher really encourages the children to sound out their own words and write sentences on their own. I get such a kick out of some of the things he brings home. I can't keep all these papers, but have to remember these cute sentences. He's already improved a lot, so I'll try to list them in chronological order as much as I can. He was getting his Bs and Ds confused at first. Here are some of my favorites, spelled Dillon style (no italics if it was an instruction on the paper):
  • Let me tell you what I did last summer! I playd at my nabrs hows and swhengd on the swhengs. It wus fun so I did it ovr, ovr and ovr. (Yes, we really need to get a swing set -- gotta get a back yard first.)
  • The tigr shorc has gils on its heb so it can dreth wobr throo its gils. [Translation: The tiger shark has gills on its head so it can breathe water through its gills.]

  • I like scool! I like my techr misis jasprs and ol my frens. I like ort and lunch and jim and math and evretheg.
  • School is col and it is osum. I luve art and lunch at school.
  • I can bro shorcs enewar. [draw sharks anywhere] At lest ef it is papr.
  • Eggs or bracubol. [Eggs are breakable.]
  • I like to...I like to eat food. I like to eat soe much I olmost eat the hol panchree. Sume times I dont. I dont like lemens varee much. I sume times eat ulot.
  • My favorite season is summer. I like summer becus I swim and becus I plae awt side whith my frens and my bruther. I dont like it wen I get musceto bites. I do like it wen I see stors and butrflies.
  • My favret game is Horses. Me and my bruthr Wesley are horses. It is fun. I like that gam. I plae it evreday. My bruther likes it to. He rids me. He likes wen I let him rid me. I like it to. Wen I am a hors my name is Red Licrish.
  • I am a pummpcun. I live at a form with a scare croe. The scarecroes name is Luke. He is nise. I look all arawhnd. I see cids. They ar picen pummpcuns, but not me.
  • Dillon is a strong boy. He likes Legos. His favorite thing is his stuffed animal dolphin. Dillon likes to eat pizza. Chucky Cheese is a place he likes to go to. His favorite sport is soccer. Did you know that Dillon likes horses?

Now I can clean off the door!

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