Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brittany and Luke: Part 3 - Thanksgiving

I always enjoy hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  The night before Brittany helped me make pies.
 I was pretty proud of my first homemade apple pie!
 We got going early the next morning, working on the rolls.  We had some great little helpers.
 While the rolls were rising, the boys headed out for a bike ride to the park.
 It was 60 degrees!
 I discovered we had too many things in the oven so my sweet neighbor came to the rescue. Brittany and I ran back and forth between her house baking our rolls in her oven.  What an awesome friend!!
 Here's the head Chef checking on Tom Turkey.
 And here's another little chef who helped out.
 We put together a pretty good spread.
 The double brother sisters!
 Aaron sure makes a cute carver.
 Our friends joined us to make it a real party.
 I love these two together.
 And these two!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with family and friends.  I'm so grateful for both of those.  We had a little Thanksgiving devotional and read about the 10 lepers being healed and the one that returned to give thanks. 

Afterward we each of us shared something for which we are grateful.  I said I was grateful for Aaron, so much so, that I had an early present for him.   I gave him an envelope with his itinerary and tickets to fly to Salt Lake to see Alfie Boe with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Aaron LOVES Alfie, ever since we heard him sing with the 25th Anniversary of Les Mis.  He is such a talented tenor and will be an incredible guest with the MoTab!  Aaron has even jokingly referred to him as his "boyfriend!"  I think Aaron liked his early Christmas gift.  He kind of choked up.
    The concert is this weekend, so I'll be flying solo while he enjoys some time with his family and his boyfriend!  I love you Aaron! Have a great weekend!  Merry Christmas Darling!

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