Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Wesley's preschool graduation was pirate themed.  We started working on costumes a couple days before.

The night before the big day they had a family fun night with a nice little performance.  The kids had a lot of fun dancing and singing along.
Caleb put on quite the show!
The teachers really got into it too
Everyone loves Miss Cindy!
Friday was the graduation.  My friend came through with a pirate costume just in time.
Wesley was in character the moment he put it on, saying "Ahrg" to everyone!
The children sang a few songs for us.  Wesley was great!
At the end of Happy and you know it Wesley decided to sing his own verse.  I was so glad I caught it on video   You can't hear very well, but he's singing "If you're happy and you like pirates say Ahhhrg..." He totally blushes will all the focus on him.  Such a funny boy!
He was awarded his pirate medallion
I couldn't get one normal smile out of him -- all pirate!  Pretty cute!
A proud momma and her pirate!
These boys are great little friends. We love Jackson and I love this picture!
Little friend Julia too.
Wesley went crazy when a real pirate showed up.  He was ready for a fight!
He literally attacked the poor guy!
He finally settled down enough to get a picture with him.
There is one happy pirate with his loot!  I love Wesley's fun little personality and how he'll jump into any role and have so much fun with it.  He's so awesome.  
We love you Wes!  Congratulations on completing preschool.  Onto Kingergarten!

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