Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Go Cougars!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to Provo, UT for the BYU homecoming game.  We've been wanting to take our boys to a game for a long time and finally made it happen.  We were lucky enough to see my dear grandma on our way into town.  It was even her birthday!  So we brought some Autumn flowers with us.  I love any excuse to squeeze this lady!
(I'm so mad I didn't have my camera so these are all from my phone)
 Dillon does too!
 Next stop, cousin Chandler's!  The boys were thrilled to play even if it was brief.
 Then onto the Creamery where we met up with the Soelbergs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We have missed them terribly since we left Chicago so it was so good to see them!  Caleb couldn't stay away from Sara!  So cute!
 So bummed this isn't focused, but you get the idea -- he wouldn't leave her alone :)
 We got to stop by and meet Sara's parents -- so fun -- and then head to the game!  Not the greatest family picture, but trust me, we were excited to be there to root for the Cougars!
I LOVE those mountains!!
 And our company made it even better.  I could've squeezed this girl all day!
 Aaron and Joe have so much fun together.  They get each other's quirky humor and I love it!
 It was a beautiful day for a football game!

 We got some treats including this Cougar Tail.
 And kettle corn.  Caleb has a mouthful as he's yelling "GO COUGARS!"
 It was a long day and this lady has the special touch.  I've never been able to pull this off, but Sara can.  (Last time she babysat him, she pulled this off in a movie theater!  Nothing slows her down!)
 Libby helped too!
The only bad part of this was saying goodbye.  We were anxious to hit the road back to Twin so we left a little early.  It was so hard saying goodbye again.  I couldn't hold back the tears and I think people around us thought I was crazy.  But we just love the Soelbergs and were so grateful to have a few hours with them.  Definitely the highlight of my month!!!!

We drove 4 hours into the night to Twin Falls and the rest of the way the next morning so we could make it back for the primary program at church.  Busy, fast, crazy weekend, but worth every second!!!!

Go Cougars!  Go Soelbergs!  Go Chicago friends!!!!!!!!


Lisa Fox said...

Ah so fun!!

Hang Turner said...

Seriously, how neat and fun!!! We miss you guys a bunch!!

Sara said...

I want to cry just reading this. You, my dear Nan, are one of my most favorite people in the whole world. I might just move to Boise so we can be neighbors again.

Love you.