Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

We had lots of fun Easter celebrations this year.  Each of my kids got to participate in 2 egg hunts. We were grateful to those that invited us to join their fun.
 Caleb was a good little finder.  After he figured out how it worked, he was finding some real hidden eggs.
 We went out to Emmett the day before Easter.  What a beautiful setting for an egg hunt.
 The hosts really hid the eggs well and made these kids work for their loot.

 There was a new little bunny at the hunt.  He was a good snuggler.  Dillon could've held that little bunny forever.
 After collecting eggs everyone headed to check out the new four wheelers.
Boy Heaven!!!!

 Dillon was the only child old enough to ride this one, so he had it to himself.  It was so fun to watch him get more and more confident and really enjoy himself.  Proud of my boy for trying something new.

 We finished off that awesome day back at our place dyeing eggs with our cousins.
Our Easter Bunny came a day early so we'd be able to focus on getting to church Sunday morning.

 I always love the excitement in the boys faces as they discover the bunny trail down to their baskets.
 They were pretty thrilled to discover matching Sunday outfits, light sabers, light saber toothbrushes, kites and Walking with Dinosaurs (the movie).  They recently have been introduced to the Star Wars series -- watching the old films -- and now they can act it out!
A pretty good looking crew on Sunday morning.
 After church, we drove to Twin Falls to join the Chandler family for dinner.  These cousins always love being together.
 After dinner the traditional jelly bean hunt commenced.  I participated years ago, but I think this was a first for my boys.
 As always, Don went above and beyond in his preparation.  These games of his get more and more complicated every year, but the kids love it!

I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate with family this year (although I really miss my adopted family).  I'm grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the Savior and what His role means for me.  It's an amazing gift for which I am very grateful.  I know He lived, died and was resurrected for us. 
Happy Easter!

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