Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Caleb is three!

My baby turned three on Saturday.  Daddy and brothers were out of town so we did most of the celebrating on Sunday when they were back.  Grandparents and cousins joined in the fun too.  It was a pretty great little party.  He's so darn cute and loves to smile for the camera. He was excited to show off his new tool belt.
Grandma got him a Captain America mask.  He decided it looks a lot like Star Wars, so it can really be a storm trooper mask.  Funny boy.

I didn't get this hat on soon enough, but made sure to snap a pic with it before the night was over.  Such a fun tradition for the birthday person.

He was so cute with the cake and did a great job blowing his candles.  See below.
This gives you an idea of his cute personality, and Wesley's too, and what it's like to be surrounded by boys!
Caleb is quite the guy.  He's all boy.  Because he has older brothers he is getting exposed to things much earlier.  He loves Star Wars right now since we just introduced the old movies to our boys.  He'll pick that over a cartoon any day.  He also loves Jim Carrey's "Grinch."  Sometimes I feel like he's gotten robbed of his toddlerhood. 

He is so fun to talk to, quite the little jabbermouth and loves to ask "why" these days.

He's actually a nice little snuggler when he wants to be.  He gives the best squeezes and kisses.

Constant motion all the time!

Some recent pics:

He and Wes are pretty good buddies!

 RARE moment.  He fights naps every day.  I wanted this to last forever.
 We went to a poetry reading in Dillon's class. I carried him in sleeping, so he still had his binkie and blanket.  Once he woke up he put on quite the show for the class -- loved the attention.
 Didn't nap so he fell asleep on me again, watching a movie.  Love those little toes.
 Birthday lunch at Burger King.
He's been watching Dillon play baseball and decided to give it a try.
 Loves his bike and scooter -- anything to make him go fast!
I've said it a million times, but Caleb is one of a kind.  He's a constant whirlwind, but so fun.  We love this little man so much.  Happy Birthday big boy!!!

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