Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hobbs Reunion Part II

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Then back to the house for a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon.
A few of us went for a walk through the Sun Valley village and the kids fed the ducks and swans.
 After our meal we all gathered outside to learn more about our ancestors.
 We each read up on one of the family members and taught the rest about that person.
 We then headed to the amphitheater for an outdoor symphony concert.
 Such a cool Sunday afternoon activity.  The guests were Cuban so we had fun with the upbeat music!
 Love this picture of three generations of boys, back at the house.  Such a beautiful place!
 No reunion is complete without some good wrestling!
 Monday morning we squeezed in a quick hike...

 ...and trip to the pool before checking out.  We really could've used another day to really get to enjoy all the activities at the village.
Then we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.
My biggest complaint is that we didn't have one more day together.  It was a wonderful extended weekend and I'm so grateful to be part of such a great family.  I really hope we can make this an annual tradition.  Love my fam!

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