Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Todd turns ONE!

I'm so far behind and have to at least document this huge milestone.  My baby (possibly my last) is a year old.  His birthday was May 5th.  We had a few family members and friends over to help us celebrate.  His nap schedule was a bit messed up that day and he started the celebrations a little serious but eventually warmed up.  He was such a cute birthday boy.
 Daddy had to help with the presents until he learned how fun ripping wrapping paper is. 
 He got a tow truck and car, and classic xylophone.
 Time for cake...
 he wasn't sure what to think about it at first.
 We didn't dare de-clothe since he was already nervous
 He started petting the frosting -- that was ok..
 and eventually tasted it

 ...and decided it was ok!

 He did a pretty good job finishing it off!
Todd continues to be awesome.  I think a little sweetness left at the year mark but we still really like him. He likes to scream when he needs something so I'm really working on quietly saying "more please" with the sign for "more".  Just today he did it!
His walking was just taking off on his birthday and his speed has definitely increased in the last couple weeks. He rarely crawls anymore and is pretty confident on his feet -- that is, unless he's on an incline -- that throws him off a bit.
He's really cute at waving goodbye and saying "ba".  He says "ma ma" when he's whiney and tired and wants something.  I'm trying to totally wean him.  I still let him have an early morning feeding but it's hands off the rest of the day -- he was starting to pull on my shirt!
His acid reflux is still a problem so milk isn't working too well.  We're using a toddler formula a couple times a day. We just have to be careful he doesn't guzzle too much liquid on a full tummy or it'll all come up.
He's confident on the stairs -- sometimes too confident -- and knows to turn around and come down backwards.
He's into everything.  Likes to stick his hands in dirt, mud, food, anything and he tastes it all.  He's a good mess maker!
We sure love our Todd Man!
A few more:
(He's had lots of firsts)
First time swinging!
 Making the garbage can a push toy

First time swimming
First time on the playground

 Loved the slide!
 First sucker!


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Hang Turner said...

Todd is one already?!?!?! He is such a cutie!! Happy Birthday!!