Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best husband in the world

I have the greatest husband, and am especially reminded of that when it comes time for my birthday or Christmas. He is the best gift giver and unfortunately got paired with the worst gift receiver. I'm not very good at being surprised. A couple nights ago I got an email from "the troll in the basement". It had an attachment with the following poem:
Dear Lover Love, the love of my life, I am so glad to call you my wife. A pretty big birthday in less than a week? Consider this note an early sneak peak. My poems are nerdy and they often get wordy, But the word of the day is that you’re turning thirty! On your special day, let’s get away, Let’s make it a two-day stay – what do you say? This coming Thursday, no matter the weather, We’re skipping town (I’ve already planned it with Heather). So pack your bags, and check out this site: ( New Buffalo, Michigan? Yeah baby, that’s right!
I love you, Aaron
Where did I get this guy?! He's just the best and I am really excited to spend a little time away with him (although the poor guy is stuck with a pretty fat date!). We did decide to cut it down to one night since Thursday is a little busy, but it's still going to be awesome. And a special thanks to my sis who is going to spend the first half of her vacation babysitting!
I love you Aaron. Thanks for planning a night away for us. I can't wait!


Amy Diestler said...

SO Sweet! Way to go Aaron! Happy Birthday by the way - hope you have a great time on your weekend away! :-)

Shannon said...

That is so sweet! Poems are the best, and a night away is always great. Have fun, and happy birthday coming up! 30 isn't too bad. I turned 30 last Sept. :)

Justin and JoLyn said...

Aaron, your poems ROCK! Have fun you two!

Jeremy and Amy said...

That is awesome! What better way to celebrate than a surprise getaway! Have fun!

amanda said...

Wow! Go Aaron....even better,go Natalie for snagging him:)