Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Navy Pier Children's Museum

Dillon had the day off of school last Friday so we took advantage of my friend's Children's Museum Membership and ventured downtown for the day.
Wesley was fascinated with the firefighter.
Dillon always loves digging for dinosaurs
And what boy doesn't want to play gas station?!
Dillon played in a little room where they were doing experiments with play dough for quite a while. He made friends with all the staff members.
Treehouse trails was always my favorite when we lived downtown and Dillon was Wesley's age. Wes was happy in there for quite sometime. He loved catching frogs and fish.
The waterworks is always a hit. And I was smart enough to bring a second shirt for both of them for when they got drenched!
They discovered fun building materials on our way out and had to stop and use their creativity for a bit. I think some kind of tool set may need to be incorporated into Easter or a birthday present in the near future.
And we can't be in that part of the city without stopping for cupcakes at Swirls. So YUMMY!
Thanks for a fun day Nicole!

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Justin and JoLyn said...

You are so blessed to be surrounded with so much great culture!! How very fun!