Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Old

This sweet little baby...
 ...turned 1 year old yesterday!

Caleb has changed a lot this month. I feel like he went from a baby to a toddler over night. He's suddenly walking everywhere and climbing on everything. He can get up the stairs real fast and is getting good at coming back down too. He loves to explore and check out everything.

He likes to mimic, so we've seen him fold his arms at prayer time and help pick up toys when his brothers start throwing them into bins.  He also likes to join along when someone starts singing.  Wesley is the best at getting him to do it.

He's developed a new little "oh" face.  He makes an O with his mouth and raises his eyebrows way up.  So funny.

He's gotten more snugly in this last month. I LOVE IT!
He has a special little bear and blanket.  He likes to take one of them out of the crib with him when he first wakes up.  So sweet!
 Man, is he cute!
 Now that he's more mobile, he's been able to play with his brothers a little more.
 He likes to do things like carry around shovels and stuff :)
 And eat at the "big table."

As for the mom, well this is what I looked like a year ago -- YUCK!
And this is my baby and me a year ago - moments after he was born.
 Here we are showing off our new outfits this last Sunday. (40 lbs less of me) This boy keeps me hopping.  He really is a full-time job.  You have to watch him constantly to make sure he's not in the garbage, or unrolling the toilet paper, emptying the pantry, or climbing the stairs.  But I love him to death.  I made up another silly song "Nobody knows you like I do..." How true that is, nobody knows him like I do and nobody could possibly love him as much as I do.
 Except maybe this guy.  These two bonded immediately and this last year has only strengthened that.   

Caleb loves his Daddy. He lights up when he's around and it's so fun to see them play together.
Caleb likes his brothers too.  This is them a year ago.

 And here's the best recent shot I have of the three of them - it's hard to get all 3!

We had a little party for him with presents...

 ...and cake! 
We let him get into the cake, but he didn't put on much of a show. He was really worried about getting messy.

 You can see the little tears on his cheeks -- kind of traumatic, poor boy!  He just wanted Daddy to feed it to him so he wouldn't have to get dirty.
We sure to love our Caleb and are so grateful we've had this year with him.  I can't imagine our family without him.  It's fun to see him become a big boy and get his own little personality. Happy Birthday Caleb!


Lisa Fox said...

Happy Birthday Caleb. I love that he doesn't want to get messy. That's too cute. His little curl is to die for and by the way. I would kill to look like you did right before giving birth!

Jerusalem Girl said...

Caleb is precious as ever!! Love him and love all of you!!!

John, Jess, Ellie, Cade, and Eden said...

Wow, that was a fast year! What a cute boy. And that cake! That looks like a recipe you might need to pass along--looks amazing! :)

Nan and Aaron said...

I can't take any credit for the cake. Portillos is a fun restaurant around here known for their Chicago hotdogs and their chocolate cake. I just needed an excuse to order a whole one!

Sue A. Frame said...

So cute Natalie! You have such a cute family! Happy Birthday to your adorable Caleb :)