Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Monday, October 29, 2012

Go Cougs!

Aaron and I got to go on an all-day date to cheer on the BYU Cougars at Notre Dame.  We watched Rudy the night before to get pumped up!  The drive to South Bend was beautiful.  It was the perfect Autumn day.

 The campus was beautiful.  All the buildings have that vintage look -- even the more recently built.  I was surprised to see "Built in 2000" on one of the buildings.  From far away, it looked 100 years old.  Cool.
 The Dome was so pretty...
 ...even with a little tailgating smoke!  Check out those beautiful Fall colors!  Now I know the significance of the gold football helmets.
One of the perks of our little trip was being able to meet up with Aaron's uncle and grandpa.  It was fun to share part of the day with them.
 We got to go inside the Sacred Heart Basilica -- so pretty. It reminded me of my family trip to Italy 14 years ago.  I really enjoyed looking at all the murals and statues and learning a little more about the Catholic faith.   
 We made sure to stop at the Grotto, where Rudy went to pray.
 Touchdown Jesus
 Once we got into the stadium my first priority was to get a picture of Cosmo to show the boys.
 I also got one of LaVell  Edwards.
 Notre Dame puts on a pretty good show, rich with tradition.  Prior to the game the band played in a couple different locations on campus, leading the students to the stadium.  The trumpet players also went inside The Dome to play. Once they got on the field, the show just got bigger and more impressive
 It was a great game to watch.  We expected to lose big time, but were actually able to hold our own.  At the half, we were ahead!  Co Cougs!  Unfortunately we lost the lead late in the 3rd quarter and weren't able to turn it around, but it was still so fun to be there.  Final score 14-17.
 Beautiful day with my honey.
Go Cougars!

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