Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Idaho Trip: Mini Chandler reunion

The Chandler clan was kind enough to plan some fun for the whole family while we were in town.  Both Amy and Lindsay's families drove to join in the fun so we could have a miniature reunion.  Just Luke and Brittany (our double brother and sister!) were missing :(
The slip 'n slide was a hit...
especially with Amy Jo and Lauren.  I had so much fun watching these two crazy sisters!
The bounce house Grandpa rented was another huge highlight of our family time.

The trampoline brought out the kid in all of us!
Aaron and I both resurrected the back flip! 
These train boys were pretty excited Grandpa let them pull out the Christmas train!
 Before it got too dark, we set up "Tent City" for the boys.  All the dads and kids (except Caleb) slept in tents that night.  So fun!!!
 And the girls slept on the tramp.  They had quite the wake up crew in the morning!

 Grandma made french toast for breakfast -- YUM!
Next up, while still in our PJs, go-cart riding!

 I even took it for a spin.  It's a little scary sitting that close to the road -- ahh!
Thanks Shane!
Then off to Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs for some swimming!
 Our fish, Dillon, had lots of fun.  This is one of those old school pools with few rules, so he was able to go off the diving board!  I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture :(
 Suckers with Grandpa by the side of the pool (like a said, few rules)

 I LOVE this picture!  Caleb had lots of fun with Grandma Lori poolside.
 Back to the house for a little more playtime.
 Including toe nail painting courtesy of Aunt Lauren.
 Check out those dirty little boy feet with nail polish!  Ahh!
So much fun packed into our week in Idaho.  I'm so grateful for family and the chance to reconnect.  Thanks to all of those who made it possible to be together. What great memories!

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