Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dillon is 6!

Dillon turned 6 last week. Hard to believe. We had a little party the Saturday before. I planned it for the park so I wouldn't have to host a big party with a two week old baby, but unfortunately it was cold and raining so we had to move the party to our house. It was a little crazy with 10 kids running around our house, but we survived. We played a couple games in the basement.
Then we let them decorate their own cupcakes.
Dillon made a wish... ... and opened way too many presents.
The morning of his birthday he found a new bike waiting in the living room for him. He hopped on immediately so Dad could see him ride it before leaving for work. That night we went to dinner at his favorite place, All Aboard Diner.
He got to make another birthday wish.

A couple great things about my Dillon:

  • He has always been a great sleeper, even now, with a crazy little brother running in and out of the room
  • He usually cleans up his whole plate at dinner time
  • He is very loving these days and insists on flashing me a double sign language "I love you" every time I drop him off at school. Apparently if you do it with both hands at the same time it means "I love you, I love you, so much!"
  • He's a fantastic bike rider and has been for a year now.
  • He has the best laugh!
  • He's a great reader and counter
  • He continues to love trains more than anything else in the world.
  • He's pretty tough when it comes to doctors, etc. Last week he had a cavity filled with absolutely no numbing/medication. The dentist kept saying he's going to grow up to be a Marine!!
  • He is a great big brother to his new little brother, Caleb. He loves to hold him and play with him. I had to include a couple cute pictures. I love you Dillon. We're so glad you're our #1 son!!

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