Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Downtown Savannah

Monday we hit the town to see what Savannah is all about.
We hopped on a tour bus/trolley with our amazing hostess.
 Savannah is full of squares -- little parks that cover one block, with paths and benches, and most of them have a fountain or statue in the middle.  They are so cool. 
 There are also lots of neat old buildings that have been restored.  If we had the time, it would be neat to tour them all on the inside too.
 The boys just loved the bus ride.

 When we got off we had to say hi to the carriage horses.
 Then off to the candy factory. The salt water taffy is pretty awesome!
 As you near the river everything is stone...
 including the street!
 Savannah is such a beautiful little quaint city.
 This was the first palm tree I noticed, so I had to get a picture, even if it wasn't really palm tree weather.

 When we stopped for lunch Heather suggested I order Shrimp and Grits.
I am so glad I listened because it was DELICIOUS!
 Then we made a stop at the Shell Shop.  Sweet Aunt Heather got them each a star fish.
Everyone else was balancing this on their hand.  Leave it to Wes to stick it on his face!

 As we made our way back to the hotel, we passed so many cool spots.
 These cannons were gifts to George Washington.
 With flowers like these, we had to take a quick family picture.
 For dinner that night, we went to the Pirate House.  The kids menu doubles as a pirate hat and accessories!
 What do ya think?  Should Aaron grow a 'stache?
 Wesley definitely had the most fun with the pirate things.  When I told him to look at me for a picture he said, "Instead of saying cheese, I'm going to say 'Aahrrrg' since I'm a pirate!" 
 We even had a pirate come by our table to say hello.
 Heather is the best hostess and the most photogenic person I know!!
It was so fun to see the sights in Savannah.  It really is a beautiful city, full of history and personality.  Throw in an awesome a tour guide like Heather, and it makes for a perfect day!


Jerusalem Girl said...

love it all! you all look so great in every picture :)

The Hoogland Family said...

YES! I do think that Aaron should grow a mustache!