Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Getaway

This year Aaron and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage!  We wanted to do something to celebrate and have looked at everything from a 10-day European trip to an overnight-er in Michigan.  When we decided to go to Georgia to visit Heather for Spring Break, we suddenly had the perfect getaway within our reach!  Hilton Head, South Carolina is just an hour from Heather's house and she happens to be the most wonderful, hospitable, helpful person in the world who was willing to watch our boys for 3 nights.  
So, we did it!
We pulled in after dark, so were were pleasantly surprised to wake up to this view!
 As I was enjoying the scenery I suddenly noticed something jumping in the water!  Can you see it?
 Yup, dolphin!  Just jumping by!  I was so giddy about it.
After a nice workout and shower we made our way to the island zipline.  We looked pretty schnazzy all suited up!
 It was super fun to fly through the trees.

We were both pros!  Some of the others in our group weren't so much!  They were pretty entertaining to be around.  It made me think of how the experience would have been with our families -- really loud and a lot of fun with plenty of jokes the whole time!
My camera was hooked into my gear, but I kept trying to get a picture with both our faces.
That's pretty hard to do, when the camera can only stretch 6 inches from your face!
It made for a good laugh!
The views from the highest towers were beautiful!

It took most of our day, but we stopped on our way back to the hotel for some dinner and then took a nice walk on the beach.
We collected seashells to take to the boys and we almost found a starfish!
The next morning we saw the same sight as the day before!  Can you find him?
After another good workout, we spent the day out and about, mostly shopping.  There were some outlets nearby and we both scored jeans for a great price!  I love when that happens.  We also stopped at Target to get a Nerf football to play with on the beach, which we did as soon as we got back to the hotel.  That is one thing Aaron and I really like doing together -- even though I'm kind of a wienie when the ball hits me!
 We attempted some fun beach pictures.
 Thankfully, a nice onlooker helped us out.

 Even though it was only 55 degrees I knew I couldn't leave the beach without at least putting my hand in the Atlantic Ocean.  I was actually surprised it wasn't colder.  I'm sure I would have felt differently had I jumped in!
 That night we had one last nice dinner.  Aaron got prime rib and I ordered Shrimp and Grits again.  That was one of my favorite parts of our vacation -- eating lots of yummy food...that I didn't have to prepare!!
 The next morning we said goodbye to our lovely view, packed up and headed back across the border to Georgia.

A HUGE thank you to Heather for watching our kids so we could celebrate our anniversary (a couple months early)!!  I'm so lucky to be married to such an incredible man.  It was so nice to have some time for just the two of us and remember why we like each other so much. I love that we have so much fun together.  That was one of my favorite things about him so many years ago when we first started dating, and it's still there.  I love you Aaron!  Thanks for a wonderful getaway!

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