Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Birthday Party

I'm a pretty lame mom when it comes to birthday parties.  I always take the easiest way out which usually involves meeting a few friends at the park or something.  For some reason, I decided this year was the year to do something a little bigger.  Dillon and Wesley's birthdays are about 6 weeks apart, so I picked a date in between and made it a double birthday party at Petland.  (For the record, this was a great way to go!)

 We picked up 5 pizzas on our way and they were all devoured.

 I grabbed a quick picture of the mommies.
 Up next, the aquarium tour.
 I love this little girl.  Julia has the best camera smiles!
 Then onto the real fun --- the puppies!

 All the kids had so much fun.  When they went to pick out the next puppy I kept the rest of the kids busy dancing. What's better than dancing with 20 kids?!
 This little girl was my favorite!  I really wanted to take her home :)  -- I like the guy in picture too!
 Quick shot of the cake before it was devoured!
 Happy Birthday Dillon and Wesley!  Love you both -- a lot!

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