Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our favorite museum

The Museum of Science and Industry is free on weekdays during January, so we decided to take advantage of the day out of school on Martin Luther King Day and go. Unfortunately A LOT of other people had the same idea. But we still had a great time at our favorite museum.
First stop, tour inside "The Zephyr"
Wesley and Lorenzo checking out the ball maze.
We made sure to make it to the submarine this time. Both boys thought it was pretty cool. I'd forgotten how HUGE it is.
We watched a video about how they got it in the museum. It used to be on display outside. They had to lower it into the ground and built around it.
Dillon thought the anchor was pretty cool. He couldn't even lift up a piece of the chain.
After almost an hour of waiting, we finally got into the Idea Factory and Wesley played with this little rocking alligator the whole time. He loved it and dragged it all over the place with him. I was so busy keeping track of him I didn't get any pics of Dillon enjoying all the fun water activities. Wesley also loved the cow in the Farm area
And the boys waited very patiently to check out the tractor.
But I bet you can't guess Dillon's favorite part...
Honestly, his obsession with trains is starting to concern me. And now it's all about automatic trains. His little wooden Thomas trains are just not cool enough anymore. He complains that they are boring and begs for an automatic train EVERY DAY and it's kind of starting to drive me crazy. Especially since the ones he likes are collectors items for adults. I'm not quite sure how to handle the dilemma. But I guess I should be grateful that he's into something as innocent as trains. I haven't had to deal with Star Wars or super heroes---at least not yet.

(My belly looks HUGE in this picture---ahh!)

It was a long day but I think we all had fun. My sweet friend endured the crazy crowds with me--thanks for coming Nicole!

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