Chandler Fam

Chandler Fam

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Our Caleb is growing way too fast. And he just keeps getting cuter. The first week of this month was spent among family and I just have to take a moment to talk about these two...
I love the relationship my dad has with Caleb. I think it's because he came to help right after Caleb was born. So he was the first to meet our little man. My dad even claims he saw Caleb's first smile :) They can't get enough of each other and I can't get enough of them together. I love it! Dad, thanks for being such an awesome grandpa.
We've discovered curl in this boy's hair this month.
Right when he gets out of the tub there's a cute little wave like his big brother Wesley.
Caleb, on the other hand, has discovered EVERYTHING! This boy is all over the place!
His favorite spot is the bathroom. He loves to unwind the roll of toilet paper...
use the top of the toilet as a drum, and he's even figured out how to flush!
He loves Mom's green broom and is always crawling over to its corner to take a look and see how many little yuckies he can find attached to it.
Caleb is doing new things everyday. He pulls up to standing against everything. He's a major cruiser and we've even see him let go and stand for a few seconds! And yesterday I found him on the 4th stair up!!! Ahh!
He's discovered the tiny little rocks in the fireplace, making my life much harder! I spend my whole day trying to keep him from major disaster.
His new sounds are "na na" "la la" and "ta ta"
He's got two new teeth! The top left one popped through last week and just today the top right made its debut. Poor Caleb's been pretty uncomfortable though.
It's been a rough month in the sleeping department. Between traveling and teething, neither he nor I have slept much. Two nights ago he went all through the night though, so maybe we're headed in the right direction! I hope so!!!
He's gotten better at waving and we saw him clap for the first time!
He's still the most smiley baby I know and I love every bit of him. I love wrapping him up for bed and nuzzling my nose right into his soft cheek a few times. He giggles but manages to keep his binkie in. I love it! He's just so fun!

Love our little boy! I just wish I could freeze him so he doesn't get any bigger!

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JoLyn Stevens said...

I think he could be the happiest baby on Earth! So cute!